For chefs who want premium butcher block cutting boards, please use the drop-downs below and we will build one to your specifications. Orders are first in, first out and average 2-3 weeks lead time. For help making your selections, scroll all the way down for detailed explanations of the options. We also have dozens of different designs, many of which are in-stock, on our Cutting Boards page.

Design and Make Your Own Butcher Block Cutting Board


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Product Description

Design your own custom cutting board! End-grain cutting boards are the highest quality cutting boards that money can buy. They resist bacteria extremely well, keep your knife edges sharp, and are durable enough to last for generations. I will make each cutting board ‘to order,’ carefully selecting the wood and crafting each board by hand.  I always use an EPA-approved, “Food-Safe,” waterproof glue. I finish each board with several coats of food-grade mineral oil.

  • WOOD TYPE: There are three traditional domestic hardwoods used for end-grain cutting boards: Hard Maple (also called Rock Maple,) Black Walnut, and Cherry. All three are tight-grained, durable, and perform very well. Hard Maple is for purists/traditionalists. For the last century, it is THE material used for end-grain cutting boards. Black walnut has a gorgeous dark grain pattern and is used on many of the cooking shows these days. Cherry has a beautiful rose tint that slowly darkens and grows even more lustrous over the years.
  • SIZE: Smaller cutting boards are generally easier to move and good for quick daily chopping/slicing tasks. If you plan on carving a turkey or a roast, go with a larger board. You might use a measuring tape to help you visualize the different sizes.
  • THICKNESS: If you are a chef, I suggest you get a 2″ thick board. For small boards, 1 1/2 inches thick should be fine. For the normal home cook getting a medium to large sized board, I’d recommend 1 3/4″ or 2″ thick. Thicker boards resist warping better than thinner boards, but thicker boards are heavier. From my experience, there is not really a structural benefit in having a board thicker than 2″. I can make them as thick as you’d like, but once you pass 2 inches, I believe it’s more about aesthetics than about function.
  • JUICE GROOVE: A juice groove is helpful if you do a lot of carving. It requires a few extra seconds to clean, but keeps the mess on your board rather than on your counter. Because juice grooves are hand-routed, there can occasionally be slight discoloration or other small idiosyncracies in the groove. Most professional chefs choose not to get a juice groove, as a groove slightly reduces the usable surface area of the butcher block.
  • FEET: Rubber feet serve two purposes. First, they make the board more solid on your counter, particularly on a slick surface like granite. Second, they keep the board away from standing water that might be on your counter, which can damage a cutting board if exposure is prolonged. I strongly recommend you get feet on your board. The percentage of people who really need/use a reversible board is low and the benefits of feet are significant.
  • LASER ENGRAVING: Write down as much detail as you can about your preferences. Typically, customers either choose to get engravings in a corner of their cutting board or in the center of the board. I don’t recommend chopping on top of an engraving, since the engraving is typically shallow. If you have preferences with font, size, style, let me know and I’ll do my best to accommodate. Images, quotes, and logos are fine (can’t do copyrighted material without permission).

Additional Information

Wood Type

Hard Maple, Black Walnut (add $30.00), Cherry (add $20.00)


12X12 (daily chopping), 14X14 (carve a chicken) (add $20), 14X18 (carve a roast) (add $30), 18X24 (carve a wildebeast) (add $50)


1 1/2 inches, 1 3/4 inches (add $20.00), 2 inches ($30.00), 2 1/2 inches (add $50.00)

Juice Groove

No, Yes (add $15.00)

Rubber Feet

No, Yes (add $5.00)